Pensotti Quality Heating Boilers and Panel Radiators - A COMMITMENT TO QUALITY

PNA, Inc. is proud to supply you and our network of dealers with the high quality PENSOTTI BLUELINE Cast Iron Boiler throughout the North American marketplace.

We are confident that your purchase of the PENSOTTI home comfort package will provide years of efficient, economical, trouble-free operation.

"Quality remains long after the price is forgotten".

The PENSOTTI BLUELINE boiler is a high efficiency residential heating appliance that provides maximum energy utilization and the highest efficiency.

Fuel cost savings can only be achieved by matching the PENSOTTI BLUELINE boiler to the true heat loss of your residence. During the past couple of decades, the trend towards improving wall and ceiling insulation levels and eliminating air infiltration by caulking and weather-stripping, has made most existing heating appliances oversized.

When you purchase a PENSOTTI home comfort system your new appliance will be sized on the basis of the new heat loss calculation. This will ensure that your new PENSOTTI home comfort system will deliver only the amount of heat required to match your actual home’s heating demand. We want to provide you with the maximum comfort level achievable combined with the highest fuel cost savings.

The following are useful bits of information presented under a series of sub-headings.

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (A.F.U.E.)

The A.F.U.E. is a measure of the estimated ability of a heating appliance to extract heat from the fuel, based on a full heating season.

The A.F.U.E. increases as the burner on time increases until it reaches ‘steady-state efficiency’. Steady state is the efficiency of the appliance measured when the burner is running.

Any time the burner cycles on and off, the A.F.U.E. drops because of "off-cycle" losses. The A.F.U.E. drops most sharply when the heating plant operates between 10 and 30% burner on time.
An increase in the percentage of burner on time improves the A.F.U.E.

A General Comment

The PENSOTTI BLUELINE boiler is a high quality, efficient oilfired heating appliance, which must be installed and serviced by a trained and if required licensed service technician.

Oilfired installations should be installed in accordance with NFPA31 and NFPA211 when no local code is in effect. Be sure that the installation is according to all National, State and local codes and authorities having jurisdiction over heating, electrical, plumbing and oil burner systems.

The electrical system to this unit should be supplied by a separate circuit provided with a fused disconnect switch at the service panel.

All boiler installations must conform to the A.S.M.E. Boiler Code. If the boiler requires National Board approval consult PNA, Inc. for special order. Many states and local authorities require National Board inspection and registration for installation in buildings used for public assembly, more than four (4) apartments, etc.

It is important therefore that these instructions be followed carefully and that a competent PENSOTTI dealer installs the BLUELINE Series boiler only.

The boiler should only be used as the primary heating source of a well-designed and installed hydronic heating.

It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that this boiler is installed properly and that all settings and adjustments are made before putting the unit into service.

The boiler is provided with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. A copy of the warranty is found on the inside front cover.

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