Coalition Against Insurance Fraud: Coalition officers - 2014

Frank Sztuk

Francis X. (Frank) Sztuk is the National SIU Strategist for The Hanover Insurance Group, a multi-line insurer based in Worcester, Mass. His responsibilites include developing and implementing the company’s anti-fraud strategies on a national level. He is responsible for all anti-fraud training and regulatory reporting in this role. Frank is the co-chair of the Coalition and also chairs the Coalition's Public Information Committee. He has served as the Chair of the Massachusetts Insurance Fraud Bureau Governing Board since 2006. He's past Chair of the New York Alliance Against Insurance Fraud, and now serves on the Executive Committee of that organization, responsible for the Public Outreach Committee. He's also a member of ISO's anti-fraud advisory group, and past panel Chair, former Board member of the New York Anti-Car Theft and Fraud Association, and Director and Treasurer of the New England Anti-Fraud Association. He serves on the legislation mandated NJ Insurance Commissioners Fraud Advisory Board, and has assisted the department and Governor's office develop fraud-fighting strategies in NJ, his home state. Sztuk began his insurance career in 1981 as a Special Investigator in The Hanover's New Jersey claim office. Frank came to Hanover from the Morris Township (N.J.) Police Department. He has been a featured speaker and lecturer at numerous industry and law-enforcement programs over his career. He's also a founding Board member of the Paul R. Nardoni Foundation, a private charity nonprofit providing care and comfort to cancer patients and their families.

Don Rounds

Don Rounds brings more than 30 years of consumer and legislative advocacy to the Board. In testament to his broad vision, Rounds has been involved with wide-ranging consumer issues. He also has served in volunteer leadership for respected national consumer organizations and has been a sought-after independent consumer advisor by private industry.

Rounds represents the Consumer Federation of the Southeast to the Coalition’s board. CFSE is a not-for-profit consumer advocacy group founded in 2003, and dedicated to consumer advocacy in the Southeastern United States. Its mission is to establish a vigorous, new, pro-consumer agenda built upon public awareness, consumer education, and coalition-building. CSFE has been especially active in helping enact no-fault auto-insurance fraud reforms.

Rounds previously headed The Consumer Alliance, based in Washington, D.C. The organization develops legislation, legal and communications for environmental and other consumer causes.

His career started with prominent roles with the Public Interest Research Group in Michigan. Rounds was Executive Director, and prior served as legal and legislative director. Among his many other career highlights, Rounds headed federal lobbying efforts for the First of Christ, Scientist, including strategic advice on Congressional and White House strategy.

Rounds also is a leading national expert on senior employment issues, and ran a successful communications consulting firm developing strategies for clients in diverse businesses such as telecommunications, utilities, banking, finance, manufacturing and transportation.

He also has served in numerous volunteer leadership roles with the National Consumer League. He served in volunteer roles with the Consumer Federation of America as well, and founded the Michigan Consumer Federation.

AARP sought his skills in organizing a telecommunications conference, and In addition, Rounds has been involved in environmental issues for several advocacy organizations.

Private industry also has sought his insights, and he has served as an independent consumer advisor for Ford Motor Company, AT&T Midwest, Michigan Bell Telephone and the Michigan Public Service Commission.
He has served on the board of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud for more than a dozen years and has served as chair of the Coalition’s Government Affairs Committee.

John Sargent

John T. Sargent is director, Special Investigation Unit (SIU), at MetLife. Sargent was named to this position in October 2004. He is responsible for fraud prevention, detection and investigation. He oversees this function for auto, home dental, disability, longterm care and group life claims. Sargent joined MetLife in December 1995 as a manager within the SIU. In addition to his role in managing the company's fraud prevention program, he was instrumental in developing fraud detection technology that has increased the program's efficiency. Before joining MetLife, Sargent held various SIU positions with other insurers and began his professional career as a police officer in Massachusetts. Sargent also chairs the New York Alliance Against Insurance Fraud; sits on the board of governors for the Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts; is an advisor to the CEO of the National Insurance Crime Bureau, and is a past board member of the Insurance Committee for Arson Control. He has spoken at numerous national conferences on the topic of insurance fraud. He also was recognized by the Massachusetts fraud bureau for outstanding and invaluable contributions to the fight against insurance fraud.

Ted Clark

Ted Clark is director of the Anti-Fraud Division of the Kansas Insurance Department. He also is involved in volunteer leadership at many key levels of anti-fraud efforts on the national level.

Clark chairs the NAIC’s Anti-Fraud Task Force for Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger. He also sits on the executive committee of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud. And Clark is an executive board member of the Healthcare Fraud Prevention Partnership, a landmark effort spurring greater cooperation among the public and private sectors in combatting medical fraud.

In addition, he serves in volunteer leadership positions with the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association, National Insurance Crime Bureau, Kansas City Metro Insurance Fraud Task Force and Kansas Anti-Fraud Alliance.

Clark started his career with the Topeka Police Department in 1969, then worked for a large insurance brokerage in the early 1980s.

Next he became an insurance-fraud investigator for the State of Kansas, then a Special Agent for the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. He then helped move Kansas into the modern era of fraud fighting by helping to create and lead the Kansas Insurance Department’s first fraud unit. After earning considerable success, the unit was elevated to division status in 2004. Clark oversees the unit.

He was elected secretary of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud in December 2013.

2014 Executive Committee

Public interest members
Don Rounds — Consumer Federation of the Southeast
James Brown — Center for Consumer Affairs, Univ. of Wisconsin — Milwaukee
Ken McEldowney — Consumer Action
Bill Newton — Florida Consumer Action Network
Ted Clark — National Association of Insurance Commissioners
Dominic Dugo — San Diego County District Attorney's Office

Insurer members
Frank Sztuk — Hanover Insurance
Steve Rutzebeck — Geico
James Doyle — Prudential
Ken Jones — Travelers
John Sargent — MetLife
Heidi Krumenauer — American Family

Dennis Jay, Executive Director, ex-officio

Wade Wickre — IASIU
Joe Werhle — National Insurance Crime Bureau
Peter Foley — American Insurance Association

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