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As a taxpayer, you don’t want to pay more in taxes than have to. Part of accomplishing this is calculating your liability with precision so you don’t overpay. And yet there’s much more to it: Truly succeeding at tax planning requires the help of a trusted advisor—an experienced tax professional with the technical skills, knowledge, and strategic thinking to help you address challenges and take advantage of timely opportunities.

Whether your needs are industry-specific or involve matters of personal income tax, Moss Adams has the expertise to provide integrated solutions wherever you do business or reside. You’ll find we can offer a more personal level of service than our competitors without sacrificing the breadth of resources you’d expect from a larger firm.

Discover how we can provide tailored solutions in a variety of areas, including:

• Business tax
• International tax
• Personal tax
• State & local tax
• Tax credits & incentives

International Organization of Financial Securities Regulatory Commission: IFRS Foundation and IOSCO strengthen cooperation

The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) and the IFRS Foundation have published a joint Statement of Protocols for cooperation on IFRSs, aiming to "promote and facilitate transparency within capital markets through the development and consistent application of IFRS Standards."

This Statement of Protocols builds upon the protocol arrangement issued by the same organisations in September 2013 by outlining objectives for each of the following interactions between IOSCO and the IFRS Foundation:

Strategic discussions — Discussion of broad financial reporting issues between the leadership of IOSCO and the IFRS Foundation; Development of IFRS Standards — Sharing of information and active contribution from IOSCO to the standard-setting process; and Implementation of IFRS Standards — Sharing information to support both parties in their work in the application of IFRS Standards on a globally consistent basis.

How the world’s wealthy hide millions offshore - from their spouses

Why an Alaska plastic surgeon took a sudden road trip to Panama with millions of dollars

When Michael Brandner, a plastic surgeon in Anchorage, packed his bags and drove more than 4,000 miles from Washington state to Costa Rica in 2007, he wasn’t just getting away from it all. Not long before, Brandner’s wife of 28 years had filed for a divorce. According to a later indictment and court documents, the doctor "collected" $3 million of his and his wife’s assets, converted them into cashier’s checks and set off on a secret trip.

In Costa Rica, Brandner opened a bank account to deposit some of the money and put a thousand ounces of gold in a safety deposit box. Then he traveled to Panama, where he opened an account in the name of a sham organization, Dakota Investment, according to prosecutors' documents from the case. In 2008, he deposited $4.6 million into the account. Brandner also did not report the accounts to the Internal Revenue Service. During the divorce proceedings, Brandner claimed the money was tied up in these investments and could not be returned, and that the investments were then lost.

Brandner went to all this trouble, the Justice Department says, to conceal assets from his wife, who could have been awarded some of them. Ultimately, U.S. investigators seized the assets. The doctor pleaded not guilty to the charges, but on April 4 of this year, he was sentenced to 48 months in prison for wire fraud and tax evasion.

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Brandner's case draws attention to a less widely recognized use of offshore accounts -- hiding assets from a spouse in divorce -- that was highlighted by the leak this month of the Panama Papers, which contain many details about the secretive offshore companies and accounts of public officials, drug kingpins and money launderers. The Washington Post has not reviewed the 11.5 million documents.

Brandner declined to be interviewed directly, but his lawyer, Randall Ensminger, offered several defenses. He says that Brandner did not evade taxes on purpose — he just didn’t know that he needed to file for the offshore accounts — and that he took the money to Panama not to defraud his wife but to protect their assets during a time of emotional upheaval in their relationship. Brandner's intent in taking the money to Panama was "to protect it on behalf of his heirs," says Ensminger.

Experts in the industry say that Americans are still hiding money offshore from litigious spouses and tax officials alike, but it is getting harder for them to do so. In the last few years, the Obama administration and the Treasury department have erected staggering penalties for those who hide their wealth offshore, as well as many new reporting requirements, says Daniel Jones, a forensic accountant who specializes in the issue.

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Crosby Corp: Mortgage Underwriting

Competent Underwriting is the Cornerstone of Crosby's Mortgage Quality Control.

We associates with the most qualified and most experienced staff of senior mortgage underwriters who act as the final authority in every audit and ultimately, every post-closing mortgage transaction.

Our customized mortgage quality control process is always up-to-the minute and designed to adapt to changing guidelines and the most current credit information and loan data available. In doing so, the mortgage auditors and underwriters at Crosby Corporation are positioned to make sound recommendation regarding all potentials risks involved in any given loan.

The Fraud Practice: About Us


Offering a neutral, unbiased, source for information related to setting up and maintaining online payments and fraud prevention:

• Consulting Services
• Chargeback Monitoring
• Market Research
• Fraud & Payment Training
• Fraud Library


President, Executive Consultant. My Name is David Montague and I am the president and principal consultant for The Fraud Practice. As the president and principal consultant for The Fraud Practice I can offer much more than just 16 years of experience in eCommerce and over 12 years’ experience in fraud prevention. Throughout my career, from IBM to CyberSource to my own company, I have been repeatedly called upon to evaluate the markets and to develop new payment and fraud solutions for my employers and clients.

Industry Recognized Expertise. Mr. Montague is a published author, having written 2 books on credit card and eCommerce fraud and speaks regularly about eCommerce fraud at events around the world.


We aren't a big consulting firm trying to provide consulting support for any consulting needs. We are a specialized consultancy focused on eCommerce payments and fraud. When you choose The Fraud Practice, you aren't going to get a junior consultant or an inexperienced single-sourced solution. You can be assured that your company's project will be conducted by a real expert in the space, David Montague and his supporting team, so you can get answers faster and at a lower cost than using other consulting firms.

• We know what organizations are looking for from payment and fraud solution providers.
• We know what technology, services, and providers are available in the market, how much they cost and how they are best used.
• We know how the verticals, regional markets and channels effect payments and fraud management.

Our clients have come from every vertical market and every geographic region in the world, and the fact that we aren’t in the market to “sell” any one solution ensures you will get a vendor neutral analysis with your best interests coming first. In six years of operation we haven’t had a dissatisfied customer.

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