Online Security: Fighting Online Fraud Through eDNA

Long ago, a cartoon ran in The New Yorker, showing a canine seated at a desktop computer. “On the internet,” ran the caption, “nobody knows you’re a dog.”

The same premise holds true today and poses a knotty question in online commerce and FinTech: How do you know the person on the other end of a transaction is really who they say they are? And even if you do confirm their identity, how do you know that person can be trusted?

One firm, IdentityMind Global, provides real-time risk management and fraud prevention through “digital identities,” collecting data across dozens of parameters, separating the financial ecosystem into good actors — those deserving of trust (and completed transactions) — and, well, bad actors.

In an interview with PYMNTS’ Karen Webster, Garrett Gafke, president, CEO and founder of IdentityMind Global, said that the construction of digital identities, by necessity, goes well beyond data that might be thought of as standard, such as a street address, a credit card number or a two-factor security question test.

True merchant risk goes hand-in-hand with global digital commerce and, as Gafke described it, comes in the form of people with little or no history — no history of driver’s licenses, credit cards issued, traditional bank accounts or other standard bits of information. They may not even be scored by the traditional credit bureaus. Yet, these individuals are looking to do business and conduct transactions. Their would-be partners on the other end of the transaction must decide whether to enter into a relationship (however fleeting) with that consumer … or not.

Gafke noted that “transactions of any kind leave a kind of financial, online exhaust” and that each transaction has attributes that, taken together over time, ultimately, can be assembled into a digital identity. “This is real, current information,” said Gafke, “rather than just public, physical information. Good reputations are built slowly, while bad reputations come very quickly.”

That digital identity is established, as Gafke said, in IdentityMind Global’s platform, which links and finds correlations between disparate bits of information and transaction trails that “process, capture, rate and build overall profiles on online identities.” Emails, digital wallets and payments are all linked together, said the executive, to build a “trusted” digital identity.

“Trust” would be the operative word in the relationship between individuals and the firms with which they seek to do business. Trust would also extend to, and be colored by, the people associated with that individual or business. Consider how, in the age of social media, amidst concerns about money laundering, an individual might be viewed with demonstrable trails of following, say, terrorist-linked groups on Twitter.

In a recent whitepaper by the firm, IdentityMind Global also noted that additional data points may come from internet-enabled devices, which can, for instance, help bring location into consideration when determining good actors from bad and in screening across sanctioned individuals or nations.

Using these techniques, said IdentityMind Global in its whitepaper, can help reduce manual review time. There is also a financially positive impact, via a 60 percent reduction in transactional fraud from chargebacks and a 90 percent reduction in fraud that comes at the point of account origination.

Services for the Full Project Cycle

We offer consulting services to support the completion of a diverse range of projects in a diverse range of situations, from upstream studies such as planning, surveys, and design to downstream processes including implementation, operation, and maintenance.

Global Record

We have a 45-year track record of global activity, having engaged in numerous projects in over 150 countries. A wide range of projects are currently supported by our ten overseas offices.

Haws Corporation Tempered Water Nevada USA, Singapore - These 5 Emergency Equipment FAQ’s Can Keep You Out of Trouble

1. How do you determine if you need a safety shower versus just an eye/face wash?

It depends on what the potential hazard is. We advocate that an eye/face wash should be the requirement over an eyewash as it is rare for a chemical to only splash into your eyes and not on your face as well. A combination shower and eye/face wash is necessary when the SDS for the chemicals you are using require one. If contact with the skin is not harmful, but contact with eyes would be, then an eyewash or eye/face wash only is suitable. If there is any potential hazardous skin contact, then a shower is most appropriate.

2. What are the types of chemicals when used in the workplace require the use of an eyewash station?

We recommend viewing your SDS’s (safety data sheet) and looking under the Proper PPE and First Aid requirements. Most SDS’S require some sort of emergency equipment along with a required flow time of 15 minutes and sometimes longer.

3. For portable or gravity-fed eyewash stations, what’s the standard for draining and refilling the tank? Along with the additive.

As there are a couple of different designs on the market, I cannot provide a specific “standard” you should follow. The ANSI requirement is that any portable or self-contained eyewash should be visually inspected weekly to determine if the flushing fluid needs to be exchanged or supplemented. The units should be maintained as per the manufacturer’s specific model instructions. For Haws, and most other manufacturer’s units, using potable water and a sterile bacteriostatic additive exchange is required every three months as well as rinsing the unit clean between the exchanges. If you are not using an additive, then the water should be exchanged on a minimal weekly basis, with a thorough tank cleaning monthly.

4. What is the standard for testing the eyewashes and showers?

ANSI Z358.1 has specific standards for testing based on the type or style of equipment in use. As a general statement, equipment needs to be inspected weekly to ensure that there is a flushing fluid supply and that the equipment is in good repair. If the equipment is of a plumbed design, then it should also be activated weekly to clear the supply line of any sediment build up and to minimize any microbial contamination due to stagnant water. The weekly inspection also looks at the location to ensure that the equipment is well lit, identified with signage, free of obstruction and on the same level as the hazard. Annually, the equipment needs to be inspected against all aspects of the ANSI Z358.1 standard including flow capabilities, temperature and irrigation patterns. Please view our full on-demand ANSI Standard web seminar on our Haws YouTube page.

5. What requirements are there for disposing used water from an eyewash or shower?

Waste or “grey” water is not in the scope of the ANSI Z358.1 standard however the appendix of the standard does call out that consideration should be given to proper disposal of waste flushing fluids. Freezing temperatures, drainage, elevated showers, and pollutants are some but not all of the considerations. It may depend on your specific situation so I would recommend consulting authorities on your local, state, and federal regulations.

Haws Corporation Tempered Water Nevada USA, Singapore: Units in Action: Mission Readiness Donates Hydration Stations

Four donated Brita Hydration Stations were recently installed at College of the Desert in Palm Desert, CA with the support of Mission: Readiness – Military Leaders For Kids and Regional Access Project Foundation. College of the Desert serves over 10,000 students and, as one of 112 community colleges in California, represents a vital part of the world’s largest system of higher education.

Increasing access and consumption of safe drinking water where youth live, learn and play is an important initiative taking hold in California and across the nation. Studies link rising obesity rates to the consumption of sugary beverages, among other factors. These are beverages with added sugar and include sodas, sports drinks, and fruit-flavored drinks. Water is an essential, calorie-free alternative that can be used to help combat childhood obesity and improve students’ readiness to learn by maintaining proper hydration.

Since 1964, Pathfinder Ranch has been committed to providing youth from diverse backgrounds with affordable outdoor education and summer learning programs. Research shows that during summer, children (on average) fall one month behind where they left off academically at the end of the school year. Programs like the ones offered at Pathfinder Ranch can help mitigate this learning loss.bhs install4

During a picnic to recognize supporters of the Ranch, Mission: Readiness – Military Leaders For Kids members, Major General (Ret.) John Bianchi, U.S. Army and Brigadier General (Ret.) Guido Portante, U.S. Army helped unveil a new Hydration Station donated by Brita in partnership with Mission: Readiness that will serve 9,000 youth from across the region who participate in quality programming at Pathfinder Ranch on an annual basis.

Vaquero Midstream: Principal, President and Ceo Name Gary Conway

Gary Conway is one of the three founding partners of Vaquero and is the firm’s CEO/President. He has more than 24 years of experience in the oil and natural gas industry and a track record of success. Prior to co-founding Vaquero, Gary served as Vice President of Engineering and Operations at TEAK Midstream LLC, and was a key participant in the board’s analysis and decision making. His role involved all aspects of the engineering and operations of more than 300 miles of high and low pressure gathering systems, a grassroots 262-mile high pressure gathering pipeline, and a 200 MMSCFD processing facility with an additional 400 MMSCFD planned on the complex.

Prior to his tenure with TEAK, Gary served as Vice President of Treating and Construction for Petrohawk/Hawk Field Services, completing the midstream assets in the Fayetteville Shale, establishing a major footprint of midstream assets in the Haynesville Shale and the initial assets for the Eagle Ford Shale.

Prior to Petrohawk/Hawk Field Services, Gary was Director of Processing for Energy Transfer. In this role he was instrumental in guiding Energy Transfer into the Barnett Shale, leading the construction and operations of the 500 MMSCFD Godley Cryogenic Complex.

Previously, Gary was Manager of Engineering at Crosstex Energy Services in the Treating Division, where under his execution management Crosstex grew to more than 120 operating amine plants. Prior to joining Crosstex, he was employed by consulting firms as a chemical engineer working for major and independent natural gas and petrochemical companies in the United States and abroad.

Gary received his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University.
(281) 501-5699 x112

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